A unique reconstruction of the colour schemes of the Bauhaus*, the only Bauhaus house consistently inhabited since its was built, the unique heat of the unique Bauhaus cooking-aquarium**, the unique cohesion in the unique boat Bauhaus, the only Bauhaus theatre and the only non-Bauhaus glass house*** make Jena the most magical Bauhaus city in the world.

While everywhere else people are looking to solve “problems”, here they indulge in regal**** views and most subservient perseverance.

*more than 37 colours in combination with the only Bauhaus dog
** everywhere apart from the kitchen
*** which, in their non or rather no-longer existence prismatically focus the projections of Jena’s citizens, drunk on Bauhaus
****unique also in their total sums of genuine engagement and private funds

Glashaus im Paradies · Vor dem Neutor 6
Theaterhaus · Schillergäßchen 1
Mensa Philosophenweg · Philosophenweg 20
Haus Auerbach · Schaefferstr. 9
Haus Zuckerkandl · Weinbergstr. 4
Bootshaus · Burgauerweg


Simultaneous performances,
concert installations and
a tour of the Bauhaus in Jena


  • 15.00h/16.00h/17.00h Glashaus im Paradies
  • tbs Theaterhaus Jena
  • 15/30h/16.30h Mensa · Philosophenweg
  • 15.45h Haus Auerbach · Schaefferstraße
  • 16.00h Haus Zuckerkandl · Weinbergstraße
  • 16.30h Boothaus · Burgauer Weg


  • With inhabitants of Bauhaus from Jena, Berlin, Kaunas, Köln, Casablanca, Iserlohn and the United States of America.