The 100 Book

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from September 1st

The 100 book brings together the art and music project DIE WOHNUNG EINHUNDERT with its website The 100 Home in the shape of a book. The 100 book documents the Bauhaus inhabitants in the reality of 2019 and the subsequent journey of the material through the locations where it was initially documented. It starts off with the premiere of DIE WOHNUNG EINHUNDERT in Weimar, then, with its different formats of installation, performance and concert takes us to Jena, Cologne and Berlin and concludes with musical soirees in eight different countries.


A poster by the Weimer Bauhaus University read ‘The 100 Home’, neatly written using a sharpie, in order to announce the 25-hour installation DIE WOHNUNG EINHUNDERT to the international student body. Whereas the official translation provided by Kunstfest Weimar 2019 reads APARTMENT ONE HUNDRED – thus the English word ‘home’ in itself already shows how impossible it is to have a precise discussion about the same. It therefore completes the circle, in advance, which surrounds 100 people from 9 countries in the year 100 after/around/in the Bauhaus.


Rochus Aust and the Bauhaus inhabitants, with local support from and translations by: Ana Neiva, Carlos Lampreia, Jonas Oškinis, Rasa Chmieliauskaitė, Rūta Jakštonienė, Algirdas Vaicekauskas, Malina & Linda Mantcheva, Desislava Nikolova, Nikola Vassilev, Jonathan Golove, Birgit Mangold, Christoph Tempel and Felix Aust.


The inhabitants of Bauhaus picked the languages they expressed themselves in. To retain the immediacy of these statements, corrections and translations were omitted if they chose to speak English, German or French.