The inhabitants of Berlin will only leave their Bauhaus flats feet first, that’s how much they like them.* And when the time has come, generations of architectural successors are already queuing up to attempt their own architectrification.

We will leave it to others to decide whether it is appropriate, in the face of self-dissolution, construction and social housing projects, to once again consider the history of architecture’s staircase wit. As well as the fact that Berlin’s gems of the Bauhaus centenary are hiding as ‘Bauhaus behind the site fence’.
Vitruvius** would at any rate have taken great delight *** in the immediate proximity of the city railway and the parkland.

*A shocking instance of pragmatism, which certainly would not have been endorsed even by the most methodical members of Bauhaus – leaving aside Fritz Ertl
** Firmitas (stability), Utilitas (usefulness), Venustas (grace/beauty): Vitruvius, De Architectura
*** see Lisbon

Walter-Gropius-Haus · Händelallee 1-9
Neue Nationalgalerie · Potsdamer Straße 50
Bauhaus-Archiv · Klingelhöferstr. 14


Lange Nacht der Museen


  • Periscope Walk
  • 20.00h Ernst-Reuter-Platz
  • Walter-Gropius-Haus · Händelallee
  • Bauhaus-Archiv · Klingelhöferstraße/Herkulesufer
  • Neue Nationalgalerie · Potsdamer Straße
  • 22.00h Neue Nationalgalerie · Potsdamer Straße
  • Bauhaus-Archiv · Klingelhöferstraße/Herkulesufer
  • Walter-Gropius-Haus · Händelallee
  • Ernst-Reuter-Platz


  • With and for inhabitants of Bauhaus from Berlin and the United States of America.