By international standards, the citizens of Cologne are rather impassive* when it comes to their social Bauhaus architecture. Of course this – like everything else here – forms part of a tradition:

in 1924, they were already struggling to warm to the thought of applying the teachings of the school. The fact that there are inhabitants and owners who are not aware they live in a Bauhaus, however, is surprising to say the least. In this respect, the citizens of Iserlohn are more clued up, albeit almost equally impassive**.

*up to the point that the Cologne’s common craze of cladding everything in tiles does not cloak the Bauhaus today
**these days, it is quiet in the Schieperblock settlement which, as late as the 70s and 80s of the last century, was characterized by such a strong and passionate social cohesion that, as a well brought up child, one would cycle past it rapidly in order to not get beaten up

Roisdorfer Strasse
Bornheimer Strasse
Breniger Strasse



  • 25-hour-installation
  • interrupted by one concert intervention


  • 16.00h (28.08.) bis 17.00h (29.08.) LTK4 im Lutherturm · Martin-Luther-Platz 2-4
  • 20.00h (28.08.) LTK4 im Lutherturm · Martin-Luther-Platz 2-4


  • With and for inhabitants of Bauhaus from Cologne.