Taking over the world has always been a Teutonic thing, no matter whether templars or master builder. To-date it (thankfully) has never worked out yet. Even if Haifa seems to unite the different threads of motivation and time with almost sonambulistic* ease, those who executed them cannot have possessed more than DNA-remnants of those crusaders and/or Bauhaus scholars.

In the race** for further developing the Bauhaus to suit the climate, Israel’s zeitgeisty approach is certainly the most creative, be it outdoors*** or indoors****. Where living space comes at a premium, a few degrees are worth cold hard cash. It is still allowed to come up with formally aesthetic solutions.

What as already been created is a viable concept combining residential and commerce, overpopulation and excess of entertainment. But just because architectural heritage in Israel is protected, it is not necessarily safe.*****

*The Dream of Akkon, 1189/2011
**an unequal race between disparate conditions pertaining to climate and climate change
***Casablanca’s disproportional chimney is 100% used for climate protection yet it is only partly target focused
****fast food chain below, Bauhaus on top
****Detroit’s – hardly voluntary – preference for interior spaces will, sooner or later, have to be measured against cable runs and cable strength.
*****see Rome

Bar Gyora St 39
Binyamin Zeev (Teodor) Hertzel St 52
Café HaPina · Masada St
Herzliya St 34
Masada St 33, 35, 37, 43
Melchett St
Retsif Aharon Rosenfeld St
Sderot Bat Galim 11
Tel Hai St 9


International House Concert


  • 21.00h Sderot Bat Galim 11
  • 21.30h Retsif Aharon Rosenfeld St


  • With inhabitants of Bauhaus from Haifa.